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Guitar Lesson

The first festival ever held was May 1940 in the town of Laird, SK.  Primarily involved were school choruses but it soon expanded to other disciplines in the years following.  In 1962, the Rosthern Festival became associated with the Saskatchewan Association of Music Festivals.  It was first held under the Sask Valley name at Rosthern Junior College in 1963.  In 2002, Twin Rivers Festival split off from Sask Valley due to the immense size of the district.  Both groups believe they have benefited from this change.  Below is a list of our Executive.  If you would like to join our committee, please contact us at  We are always open to new members!!

Sask Valley Music Festival Executive 2023-2024

President- Linda Swab, Rosthern

Vice President- open

Treasurer- Patricia Keefe, Waldheim

Secretary- Karen Wiens, Hague

Program/Registration/Website Secretary- Corinne Scheetz, Waldheim

Awards Convenor- Sanne Gillingham, Hague

Committee Members: Louella Friesen, Waldheim

Sara Ens, Rosthern

Nancy Epp, Rosthern

Rebecca Isaak, Laird

Audrey Watson, Rosthern

Audrey Falk Janzen, Rosthern

If you would like to join the Festival Committee, please email us at:

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