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Red Bouquet



Piano (12 years & under)

10 years & under

Friesen’s Bigway Rising Star Trophy and Scholarship - $50.00 JULIA ENS

Studio 52 Piano Scholarship I - $50.00  LIBBY FRIESEN

12 years & under

Katherine Hooge Trophy & Scholarship (Sponsored by Peter Hooge) - $100.00 JARON ENS

Studio 52 Piano Scholarship II (Split) - $50.00 ANTHONY RUEB & THERRON LESTER


Rosthern Lionel Scholarship - $60.00 (Split) ALEXANDER REBAN & SIMEON FRIESEN

Valley Sports & Hardware Trophy (Sonatina Classes) JARON ENS         

Audrey Watson Scholarship (Baroque/Sonatina Classes) - $50.00 JESSE HILDEBRANDT

Manor Woodwork Baroque Trophy JESSE HILDEBRANDT

Judy McKinnell Memorial Award & Scholarship (Canadian or Saskatchewan Music Classes)

          (Sponsored by Amanda Osmond)  - $50.00  ABIGAIL LANGELAAR

SVMFA Piano ScholarshipI (Split) - $50.00 HENRY BALZER & LOUIS BANDSMER

SVMFA Piano Scholarship II (Split)- $50.00 DOMINIC REBAN & WATTSON LESTER



Piano (13 years & over)

Swab Family Award & Scholarship (13 &14 years) - $100.00 NATALIE REBAN

Studio 52 Piano Scholarship III - $50.00 CLARA LOEWEN

Victor & Irma Lehmann Family Trophy & Scholarship - $100.00 ANGELICA BANDSMER

Rosthern Medical Clinic Scholarship - $100.00 ELI ENS

Rosthern Lions Club Scholarship - $75.00  EMA FRIESEN

L.P. Schmidt Trucking Ltd. Church Music Trophy (Sacred/Church Music Classes)

          $50.00 Gift Certificate to Kennedy’s Parable ELI ENS

SVMFA Canadian Music Piano Scholarship (Canadian or Saskatchewan Music Classes) - $50.00 ABIGAIL OSTAPAK


Piano Open (Any Age)

Sask Valley Duo/Duet Trophy (Duo/Duet Music Classes) IONELA BAUMAN & CYRUS LO

Lorene Nickel Memorial Scholarship (Duets in Instrumental or Piano Classes 

          (Sponsored by Barbara, David & Tim Nickel) - $150.00 IONELA BAUMAN & CYRUS LO

Alumni Post-Secondary Piano Scholarship (Grade 10 level or higher) (Sponsored by SVMFA) - $150.00 NO ENTRIES

Funk's Funeral Home Shield & Scholarship (In recognition of an Exceptional Pianist at any level) - $100.00 ELI ENS

Saskatchewan Valley Jubilee Rose Bowl & Scholarship

          (Most Outstanding Pianist at Grade 9 level or higher) - $200.00 LOCHLAN LESTER



Elma Janzen Memorial Scholarship I (Sponsored by Barbara Nickel) - $50.00 ANNALISE BILLESBERGER

Elma Janzen Memorial Scholarship II (Sponsored by Rodney Janzen)  - $50.00 MONICA STEINKE

Rosthern Agencies Trophy JASON LAI

Alumni Post-Secondary Instrumental Scholarship (Grade 10 level or higher) - $150.00 NO ENTRIES

Saskatchewan Valley Music Festival Instrumental Scholarship

          (Most Outstanding Instrumentalist at an Advanced Level) - $150.00 JASON LAI



Vocal & Musical Theatre (12 years & Under)

Vocal Scholarship I - $50.00 AUDREY LOEWEN

Vocal Scholarship II - $50.00 QUILLEN KROEKER

Affinity Credit Union Musical Theatre Scholarship (Musical Theatre Classes) -$50.00 AUDREY LOEWEN

Vocal & Musical Theatre (13 years & over)

Waldheim School Staff Cup  ZOE OSTAPAK                                              

Rosthern Junior College High School Board Scholarship - $100.00 ZOE OSTAPAK

Carl J. Goerz Scholarship (Opera/Operetta for Tenor, Baritone or Bass Voice)

          (Sponsored by Susan Goerz) - $150.00 JESSE WOOD

Staging Canadell Musical Theatre Scholarship (Musical Theatre Classes) - $100.00 MONICA STEINKE

Vocal & Musical Theatre Open (any age)

Louella Klassen Friesen RCM/CC Scholarship (Conservatory Music Classes) - $50.00 MIA GILLINGHAM

MacMillan Folksong Scholarship (Folksong Classes) - $50.00 MONICA STEINKE

SVMFA Canadian Music Vocal Scholarship (Canadian or Saskatchewan Music Classes) - $50.00 EMMA GILLINGHAM

Bethany College Trophy & Scholarship (Sacred Music Classes) (Sponsored by Susan Goerz) - $150.00 IONELA BAUMAN

George Steinke Memorial Scholarship (Sacred Music, Any Vocal Classes)

          (Sponsored by the Steinke Family) - $100.00 MONICA STEINKE & IONELA BAUMAN

Station Arts Centre Musical Theatre Trophy (Musical Theatre Classes) MONICA STEINKE

Alumni Post-Secondary Vocal Scholarship (Grade 9 Level or higher) (Sponsored by SVMFA) - $150.00  NO ENTRIES            Erwin Janzen Memorial Trophy & Scholarship (In recognition of an Exceptional Vocalist at any level)

          (Sponsored by Elaine Janzen) - $100.00 MONICA STEINKE

Vernon Klaassen Vocal Rose Bowl & Dora Klaassen Memorial Scholarship

          (Most Outstanding Vocalist at Grade 8 level or higher) (Sponsored by Rebecca Isaak) - $200.00 EMMA GILLINGHAM



Spoken Word Open (Solo - Any Age)

Speech Arts Scholarship (Spoken Word Classes) - $50.00 ABIGAIL SIEMENS

SVMFA Speech Arts Scholarship (Spoken Word Classes) I - $50.00 ELI ENS

SVMFA Speech Arts Scholarship (Spoken Word Classes) II- $50.00 ISAAC HILDEBRANDT

Spoken Word Excellence Award (Spoken Word Classes) - $100.00 STEFAN JONES

Choral Speech

Division I (Grades K to 3) - Sask Valley Music Festival Shield (Spoken Word Classes) HAGUE ELEMENTARY GRADE 2 CONDUCTED BY LATRACA LESKO

Division II (Grades 4 to 6) - Hague Hardware Shield (Spoken Word Classes) HEPBURN ELEMENTARY GRADE 4 CONDUCTED BY TARYN KASAHOFF



Division I (Grades K to 3) – Robert Regier Shield (Sponsored by Marion Regier) CLASSICAL CONVERSATIONS HOMESCHOOLING GROUP CONDUCTED BY JANAYA CAPELLE

Division II  (Grades 4 to 6) – “The Gift of Song” Shield (Sponsored by Myrna Wiebe) WALDHEIM SCHOOL CHORUS CONDUCTED BY SHARLENE SMITH

Division III (Grades 7 to 9) – Affinity Credit Union Shield HAGUE YOUTH CHOIR CONDUCTED BY EMMA GILLINGHAM

Division IV  (Grades 10 to 12) – David H. Paetkau Memorial Shield

          (Sponsored by Rosthern Junior College High School Board) RJC SINGERS CONDUCTED BY KAYLEIGH                                                                                                                                        SKOMOROWSKI

Choral Open


Affinity Credit Union Choral Scholarship - $150.00 RJC SINGERS CONDUCTED BY KAYLEIGH SKOMOROWSKI

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