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Red Bouquet

2023 SVMFA Awards

To qualify for an award in the Sask Valley Music Festival, participants must either live, or study with a teacher who lives, in the Sask Valley district.  Participants must compete in at least two classes in the same discipline.  At our district level, Musical Theatre and Vocal classes will be considered under the discipline of Vocal.  Parent and Teacher are not eligible for awards in Duet classes.  Alumni Post-Secondary scholarships may be awarded to the same competitor for up to 4 years.  All scholarships and trophies are awarded at the sole discretion of the adjudicator.  



Piano (12 years & under)

10 years & under

Friesen’s Bigway Rising Star Trophy and Scholarship - $50.00

12 years & under

Katherine Hooge Trophy & Scholarship (Sponsored by Peter Hooge) - $100.00


Rosthern Lionel Scholarship - $50.00

Valley Sports & Hardware Trophy (Sonatina Classes)                       

Audrey Watson Scholarship (Baroque/Sonatina Classes) - $50.00

Manor Woodwork Baroque Trophy 

Judy McKinnell Memorial Award & Scholarship (Canadian Music Classes)

          (Sponsored by Amanda Osmond)  - $50.00

SVMFA Piano Scholarship - $50.00  

Piano (13 years & over)

Swab Family Award & Scholarship (13 &14 years) - $100.00

Loewen Accounting  Piano Scholarship I - $50.00

Victor & Irma Lehmann Family Trophy & Scholarship - $100.00

Rosthern Medical Clinic Scholarship - $100.00

Rosthern Lions Club Scholarship - $75.00

L.P. Schmidt Trucking Ltd. Church Music Trophy (Sacred/Church Music Classes)

          $50.00 Gift Certificate to Kennedy’s Parable 

SVMFA Canadian Music Piano Scholarship (Canadian Music Classes) - $50.00  

Piano Open (Any Age)

Loewen Accounting Scholarship II - $50.00

Loewen Accounting Scholarship III - $50.00

Sask Valley Duo/Duet Trophy (Duo/Duet Music Classes) (Sponsored by Ken & Anna Kroeker)

Alumni Post-Secondary Piano Scholarship (Grade 10 level or higher) (Sponsored by SVMFA) - $150.00

Funk's Funeral Home Shield & Scholarship (In recognition of an Exceptional Pianist at any level) - $100.00

Saskatchewan Valley Jubilee Rose Bowl & Scholarship

          (Most Outstanding Pianist at Grade 9 level or higher) - $200.00



Elma Janzen Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by Barbara Nickel) - $50.00

Elma Janzen Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by Rodney Janzen)  - $50.00

Rosthern Agencies Trophy

Alumni Post-Secondary Instrumental Scholarship (Grade 10 level or higher) - $150.00

Saskatchewan Valley Music Festival Instrumental Scholarship

          (Most Outstanding Instrumentalist at an Advanced Level) - $150.00



Vocal & Musical Theatre (12 years & Under)

Alvin Pauls Memorial Scholarship & John Pauls Memorial Trophy (Sponsored by Rosemary Slater) - $75.00

MacMillan Folksong Scholarship (Folksong Classes) - $50.00

Vocal Scholarship I - $50.00

Vocal Scholarship II - $50.00

Affinity Credit Union Musical Theatre Scholarship (Musical Theatre Classes) -$50.00

Vocal & Musical Theatre (13 years & over)

Waldheim School Staff Cup                                                

Lily Hooge Folksong Scholarship (Folksong Classes)  (Sponsored by Rosemary Slater)- $100.00 

Rosthern Junior College High School Board Scholarship - $100.00

Carl J. Goerz Scholarship (Opera/Operetta for Tenor, Baritone or Bass Voice)

          (Sponsored by Susan Goerz) - $100.00

Staging Canadell Musical Theatre Scholarship (Musical Theatre Classes) - $100.00

Vocal & Musical Theatre Open (any age)

Loewen Accounting Vocal Scholarship - $50.00

Louella Klassen Friesen RCM/CC Scholarship (Conservatory Music Classes) - $50.00

SVMFA Canadian Music Vocal Scholarship (Canadian Music Classes) - $50.00

Bethany College Trophy & Scholarship (Sacred Music Classes) (Sponsored by Susan Goerz) - $100.00

Station Arts Centre Musical Theatre Trophy (Musical Theatre Classes)

Alumni Post-Secondary Vocal Scholarship (Grade 9 Level or higher) (Sponsored by SVMFA) - $150.00                  Erwin Janzen Memorial Trophy & Scholarship (In recognition of an Exceptional Vocalist at any level)

          (Sponsored by Elaine Janzen) - $100.00

Vernon Klaassen Vocal Rose Bowl & Dora Klaassen Memorial Scholarship

          (Most Outstanding Vocalist at Grade 8 level or higher) (Sponsored by Rebecca Isaak) - $200.00



Spoken Word Open (Solo - Any Age)

Speech Arts Scholarship (Spoken Word Classes) - $50.00

SVMFA Speech Arts Scholarship (Spoken Word Classes) - $50.00

SVMFA Speech Arts Scholarship (Spoken Word Classes) - $100.00

Choral Speech

Division I (Grades K to 3) - Sask Valley Music Festival Shield (Spoken Word Classes)

Division II (Grades 4 to 6) - Hague Hardware Shield (Spoken Word Classes)



Division I (Grades K to 3) – Don Regier Shield (Sponsored by Marion Regier)

Division II  (Grades 4 to 6) – “The Gift of Song” Shield (Sponsored by Myrna Wiebe)

Division III (Grades 7 to 9) – Affinity Credit Union Shield

Division IV  (Grades 10 to 12) – David H. Paetkau Memorial Shield

          (Sponsored by Rosthern Junior College High School Board)

Choral Open

Friesen’s Bigway Foods Scholarship - $75.00

John Pauls Memorial Scholarship (Choral) (Sponsored by Rosemary Slater) - $75.00

Affinity Credit Union Choral Scholarship - $100.00

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