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When:                 March 13th to March 20th, 2024. Final Awards Concert on March 22nd, 2024.

Where:                All general festival performances and Final Awards Concert will take place at:

                                                Rosthern Mennonite Church

                                                3016 5th St., Rosthern, SK

                            Musical Theatre festival performances will take place at:

                                                Station Arts Centre

                                                701 Railway Ave., Rosthern, SK

                             Band festival performances will take place at:

                                                 RJC High School

                                                 410 6th Ave., Rosthern, SK

Registration:      Register online at

                            Registration starts January 2nd and entry deadline is January 27th, 2024.


                            Please refer to the SMFA 2022-2024 Syllabus for information on classes, rules, regulations. The                                    syllabus in available online at SMFA 2022-2024 Syllabus on the SMFA website.


                            Still have questions? Please direct all registration and entry questions to 



Sask Valley Music Festival District:         

                             The Sask Valley Music Festival district includes the following communities:

                             Beardy's & Okemasis" Cree Nation, Blaine Lake, Cudworth, Duck Lake, Hafford, Hague, Laird, 

                             Martensville, Neuanlage, One Arrow Cree Nation, Osler, Rosthern, Saint Isidore-de-Bellevue,

                             Wakaw, Waldheim and Warman


                              Students from any community in Saskatchewan are welcome to enter our festival. Please see   

                              information below regarding qualifications for local awards and Provincial Finals.


Scholarships:       Local festival scholarships are available to students who live, or study with a teacher who lives in                                  the Sask Valley district, except for the Alumni Post-Secondary scholarships.


                              Alumni Post-Secondary scholarships are available to all competitors who are alumni of the Sask                                  Valley Music Festival, but do not qualify for local festival scholarships. This scholarship may be                                     awarded to the same competitor for up to 4 years.


                              To qualify for an award, competitors must be entered and compete in at least two classes in the                                   same discipline. Vocal classes and Musical Theatre classes will be considered under the                                               discipline of Vocal for our local scholarships and awards.


                               Please see SVMFA Scholarships and Trophies for a list of available local awards.

                               All awards may be subject to change depending on sponsorship and qualified entries.


Provincial Recommendations:

                                Competitors wanting the opportunity to participate in Provincial Final Competitions must enter                                  Provincial designated classes at a district festival and place first or second with a mark of 87 or                                    higher to be eligible.

                                Competitors must also enter and compete in at least two solo classes in the same discipline.

                                Please see page 11 for complete information.


Additional Classes:

                                Please see our Addendum for Additional Classes available at our local festival.


Entry Fees:

                                Solo & Duet ($7.50/student entering)      $15

                                Senior Performance Class (Piano):           $30

                                Small Ensembles (3 to 8 members):         $20

                                Large Ensembles (9+ members):              $25

                                Choir & Band                                              $25

                                Individual cap fee is $75

                                Family cap fee is $150

Financial Aid:   

The music festival experience should be available to all competitors who wish to participate in the Sask Valley Music Festival. If cost of entry fees is a prohibitive burden, a partial or complete bursary may be available to competitors. Only teachers can apply on behalf of the competitor and financial need is the primary perquisite. Please contact Sask Valley Music Festival for more information and an application form at

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